BE1/BE3 Gearbox Conversions and Upgrades


Standard Ratios

The first thing to remember about these gearboxes is that all 2 nd gear ratios are the same on every gearbox, 1.85:1. The next thing to remember is that there are only two combinations of 3 rd/4 th clusters, which can’t be separated. There are several different 1st gears and several different 5th gears. There are also complications with integrating reverse gears but these can mostly be overcome.


Common Gear Ratios

1 st





2 nd



3 rd/4 th

1.360 and 1.069

1.280 and 0.969


5 th





Common Diff Ratios






This sheet gives the various combinations of standard combinations as fitted to various 205’s and 405’s - BE1/BE3 Combinations.


Trackday Gearbox

This gearbox uses the closer ratios found in the 1.9L 205 GTi and the crown wheel and pinion from an Mi16. This combination gives the best combination of acceleration and speed for modified 8Vs and all 16V’s. Can be made in BE1 or BE3 and uses a Quaife ATB.


1 st 2.92

2 nd 1.85

3 rd 1.36

4 th 1.069

5 th 0.865

Final Drive 4.43



BE1/BE3 Speedo Drive Blanking Plug

Specifically for track cars, this aluminium plug replaces the normal speedo cable drive, allowing you to completely remove the speedo cable.


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